Valentine’s Day for Guys

Valentine's day for guys


Well, that day that all guys fear and loathe is almost here.  Yes, its Valentine’s Day, that smarmy hot pink forced declaration of love day.  Assuming that you have been unable to schedule an out of town business trip or an emergency visit to a desperately ill uncle in Fort Meyers, face it –  you’re trapped!  Now you’re looking at a dreaded stop at the Hallmark Store where you will be forced to read dozens of cards full of sentiment that seems to have originated in an alternative universe.  So listen carefully – here’s your out.  Grab this image.  Write something on it like, “Babe – You’re the Best.”  Skip the warm kitten banter – it’s not you and she won’t believe it anyway. Pick up a few lobsters and a six pack of Molson.  Put on a old shirt and cook her dinner – no vegetables.  Take control.  Look at it like a test.  If she gets it – you’re golden.  If she doesn’t – well, you know what to do…

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  1. Witty, cynical, well-advised.
    Would substitute a strong Evan Black for the Molson.
    And …
    I’d buy it if I were going steady.

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