Technical illustration has been a focus of Graham Studios, creating imagery for the advertising, online and editorial markets.  Hands holding, working or assembling devices are a specialty.  Additionally we are skilled at cutaways, architectural and automotive imagery.  We can work from blueprints, sketches or CAD files to produce images that crisp, clean and compelling.  Bill Graham started his technical illustration career at General Motors art department and was soon freelancing at the Detroit art studios.  In those days Detroit had a thriving Art studio system that served the auto business.  Illustrators, some living on boats in the Bahamas would come north and work “the season,” sometimes sleeping on the studio floor for 2 months, before heading back south. These guys were incredibly skilled, able to paint a car cutaway with no reference.  I learned how to smash the highlights with a yellow “light from God,” on a black fan blade, then cooling the underside with cobalt blue and a few other lessons that I have used for years.  Thanks, Detroit!