How To’s and Explainers – A Check List

Here it comes. One of those tedious, detail oriented EXPLAINER series of illustrations that can have dozens of steps, multiple file names, different sizes and proportions for different applications, a work in progress from the client and is handed off to you with a crazy timeline. First take a deep breath. Then go through this check list:

• Get complete layouts – not just the pages you will be working on.

• Get the text, even if it’s a draft. It will suggest what is needed visually – not just the CD’s interpretation of it.

• Discuss the file names with the team. Are they likely to be changed? How many times?One approach would be to avoid Fig. 3A part 1 and instead go for Fig 3A part 1-Remove the Cap. Neither you or anyone else will remember what Fig 3A Part 1 is without the descriptor. Then use a consistent version • Find out all the end uses.

• Determine the largest repro size, and more importantly, the smallest size. You may have to outline in a heavy line weight for the small version and find that it looks too fat at the largest use of your artwork. You may have to do two versions if there is a large and small usage.

• Remind the team to view your illustrations at the repro size, not the art size.

• Use the CD’s layout to plug in copies of your finished work to keep line weights consistent and keep track of your progress.

• Be organized – it will get confusing.

• You as the artist will be staring at these images far longer than anyone else. If you notice layout or text errors or inconsistencies alert the team. You might be rewarded with a “nice catch!”

• And always be nice!

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