One of the Best Genetic Engineering Explainers, Ever!

An easy to understand Explainer on the subject of CRISPR, a complex Bio-Medical subject that we all should learn about.  The text is easy to understand.  Graphics are fun and help immensely to tell the story.  Even the music is supportive of the theme.  It all adds up to storytelling at its best. 

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Explainers: It’s All About the Story

Last month I was hired to to consult on a mechanism of action explainer.  I was working with a great team that had developed a script and storyboard laying out the path of how this drug worked. But there were a few bumps in that route. Merging science with art is where the rubber hits […]

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New Graham Studios Website

IT’S ALIVE!  Yes, the new Graham Studios website is online.  New work and a new design. Many thanks to DiggsDesign for the collaboration.

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The Small Stuff

Many years ago, legendary creative director Al Adas critiqued a thumb I had drawn for him: “Dis tumb looks like a sausage.” Always one to take Al seriously, I have been working on my “tumbs” ever since.  Often these images are reduced to postage stamp size to illustrate how to work a medical device, but even reproduced […]

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5 Great Medical Animations to Watch Right Now

This week, Serbin Communications is featuring 5 Great Medical Animations to Watch Right Now on its Medical Illustration Sourcebook website.  It’s a very interesting overview of different creative approaches that are used today to convey bio-medical information in a moving format.  Check it out at:

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The Starving Ocean

So, today Amy at AdBase called with a review of my marketing efforts. She had looked at all my email blasts from the past 2 years and she began to carefully explain the metrics to me. I start to drift off.  Somehow it reminded me of “The Starving Ocean,”an article I read some time ago. […]

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